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Supporting Our Military Families
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About Project We Remember


     Welcome to Project We Remember.  We are dedicated to helping those service men and women who have sacrificed so much for freedom.  Our goal is to provide immediate finical support in times of need, housing to displaced families, educational support, career transition, and job placement.  We believe we can provide a significant encouraging effect on the daily lives of these great men, women, and their families.  Loyalty, Duty, Honor; these are the traits which live in all of us waiting for the right moment to come fourth.  Help support Project We Remember as we care those who gave so much. 

“Courage is not always measured on the battlefields of the world.  They are more often than not measured by the things we do in our everyday lives.  We will leave no one behind, weather on the battle fields of the world or the battle fields of life.”


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July 4 1776 to July 4 2012
Added 7/5/2012 5:48:00 PM by Vern Bagley

236 years latter, 56 brave men, from 13 Colonies, millions of lives lost, million of Veterans lives and their families, changed due to the ravages of War, and every Veteran, and every Family member of every Veteran need to ask themselves, am I protecting the Constitution of the U.S. I pledged to protect or did someone make a change and I didn't get the Memo?

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